Prince of Wales


Prince of Wales takeaway menu.

All items are subject to availability and menus are subject to change.

Scampi and chips.
Served with garden peas or mushy peas.
Fish and chips. This dish is gluten free or has a gluten free alternaitve
Cod fish in a homemade 6X beer batter, served with garden or mushy peas.
Gluten free Fish and chips also available.
Sausage and chips.
Served with beans or garden peas.
POW burger and fries.
Homemade steak burger, served with burger relish and onion rings.
Cajun chicken burger and fries.
Served with a homemade cajon mayo with onion rings.
Margherita 12 inch pizza.
Cherry tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, served on a rich tomato base.
POW meat feast 12 inch pizza.
Chicken, bacon, ham, chorizo and pepperoni with a BBQ base.
Pepperoni 12 inch passion.
Double pepperoni with a rich tomato base.
BBQ chicken 12 inch pizza.
Chicken, bacon, cherry tomatoes and peppers on a bbq base.
Hawaiian 12 inch pizza.
Ham cut from the bone, pineapple and mushrooms served on a rich tomato base.
Veggie lovers. This dish is gluten free or has a gluten free alternaitve
Cherry tomatoes, peppers and onions on a pesto base.
Pizza. The hot one.
A tomato base with pepperoni, chorizo slices and hot chillis with a mozzarella topping.
Battered calamari.
Served with a homemade garlic dip.
Mozzarella sticks.
Served with a salsa dip.
Homemade curry sauce.
Made with finest ingredients.
Onion rings.
Onion rings in a beer batter.

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